Welcome to Loopholes!

In 2014, I retired two years ago from a career in the museum sector that had begun over four decades earlier. One of my daily concerns during its first half was describing utilitarian objects in varying degrees of detail both for local catalogs and lengthier publication. A fair amount of effort often went into ferreting out contextual information about an object’s origin and use.

As the technology became available, I was increasingly involved with computerizing the management of museum information and my activity ultimately centered on its dissemination via the digital communication networks. This started in pre-Internet days and had me on the front lines when the museum community began to establish its identity on the new platform.

That was all quite an adventure but I promised myself I’d return to hands-on creative endeavor when my time became fully my own. The choice ultimately fell to needlecraft (a relationship that began in the late 1960s) and I’ve been happily exploring various facets of it ever since. As a recovering museologist, it didn’t prove possible to devote my effort solely to honing manual skills. I’ve maintained a parallel interest in investigating the historical details of whatever craft I’m currently involved with.

This interest has been focused for quite a while on various techniques based on looping — hence the name of this blog. Its purpose is to share information I’ve come across about the associated crafts along the way, and to raise questions that may be worth further investigation.

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