Early instructions · Knitting loom

A French loom-knit purse

I’m eager to spend some time away from 19th-century fancywork and am going to wrap up its discussion for now with a French description of purse making on a round knitting loom. It appears in Élisabeth Bayle-Mouillard’s Manuel des Demoiselles ou Arts et Métiers (Young Ladies’ Handbook or Arts and Crafts) from 1826, where the instructions for… Continue reading A French loom-knit purse

Early instructions · Knitting loom

Purse in the style of the Queen Elisabeth

The second of the named purses in the 1823 volume of Penélope is made on a circular peg loom. The instructions for it refer to techniques that are described in the preceding volume, which in turn refer to other instructions there. Merging these cascading fragments into a single text (as in the following translation) gives… Continue reading Purse in the style of the Queen Elisabeth

Buttonhole looping · Early instructions

French instructions for a looped purse

Élisabeth-Félicie Bayle-Mouillard (writing as Élisabeth Celnart), gave detailed instructions for using a cup mold to make simple looped purses in her Manuel des Demoiselles ou Art et Metiers published in Paris in 1826. They include general remarks about the tool and illustrate them with a specific purse. This has the same basic stitching pattern as… Continue reading French instructions for a looped purse