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Knitting and stitching in 1730

Olof Johan Broman’s text from 1730 divides yarnwork into two categories: knitting and stitching. The first of them is the well-known form of looping that is still designated as knitting. It can be traced back before Broman’s day in both fashionable and utilitarian contexts, and in urban and rural traditions. His stitching is an older looping… Continue reading Knitting and stitching in 1730

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The double-end tricot hook

The long cylindrical hook normally associated with Tunisian crochet doesn’t differ physically from a hooked knitting needle. The past few posts here have considered evidence of that tool having been co-opted for some form of crochet before the first descriptions of Tunisian stitches were published. In contrast, the double-ended hook appears to have been taken into the… Continue reading The double-end tricot hook

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Flat-hook crochet in 1833

The instructions for the three crocheted purses in the 1823 volume of Penélopé provide the first known written description of crochet in its modern form. The 1833 volume of the same periodical includes a section headed “Something more about crochet” with no comparable document having appeared in the interim (again, that has yet come to light).… Continue reading Flat-hook crochet in 1833

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A Cinderella-style purse

The last of the three instructions for crocheted purses in the 1823 volume of Penélopé — a Cinderella-style purse — introduces flat crochet in the round. This is in contrast to the cylindrical work in all of the other purses considered here thus far. A disc crocheted in this manner requires regular increases in the number of stitches in successive rounds… Continue reading A Cinderella-style purse

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A purse in semi-openwork crochet

The second of the three instructions for crocheted purses in the 1823 volume of Penélopé — a Charlotte-style purse in semi-openwork — includes structural elements that are not shared with any other craft. It therefore documents crochet in its present-day form without the latitude for discussion about classification that attaches to chain stitch mesh. That is the only… Continue reading A purse in semi-openwork crochet