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Nalbinding: stitch structures

Margrethe Hald’s definition of nålebinding presented in the preceding post was intended to describe older textiles of Danish origin. She only used the name in Danish discourse and called it “looped needle-netting” in English. Nonetheless, nålebinding (lit. ‘needle binding’) made its way into the yarncraft vocabulary where it is now firmly established. Alongside the anglicized ‘nalbinding’ it names both… Continue reading Nalbinding: stitch structures

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Nalbinding: derivation and description

In an earlier post about a Swedish looped purse made in 1693, I noted that the name given to that craft — virka — has been used over time for a number of  different crafts. It next appears in a dialect dictionary compiled during the late 1790s, in the definition of sömma, a common Swedish designation for what is… Continue reading Nalbinding: derivation and description