Defining Crochet
The Loopholes Blog was established as a platform for material gathered during a study of the early history of crochet intended for publication, but extending beyond the envisioned scope of the final article. That text has it roots in a seminar held at the Antonio Ratti Textile Center of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in May 2016. Its topic was the differentiation of crocheted fabric structures from other forms of looping, in the documentation of museum collections. I prepared a background paper for the seminar, titled “Defining Crochet” which was then submitted to the journal Textile History, where it was published online on 11 December 2018, and in print in late March 2019.

The Princess Frederick William Stitch
A corresponding article about Tunisian crochet was published in the Summer 2020 issue of The Journal of Dress History, with the full title “The Princess Frederick William Stitch: The Parallel Emergence of Long–Hook Crochet in Prussia and England in 1858.” It is based on an unpublished presentation I made at the Knitting History Forum conference in London in November 2018.

Early Tatting Instructions
A previously available draft research report on tatting is now undergoing major revision. The new text is intended for peer-reviewed publication that will be announced when it has appeared.

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