Buttonhole looping · Early instructions

Louisiana purse, 3rd manner

Here are the instructions for the final variant of the Louisiana purse from the 1823 volume of Penélopé.

The third manner with pearls, wire-coil or other beads

“String a long silk thread with beads, pearls, or small cut pieces of wire coil as used to make the gold chain in vol. II, no. 3. Then begin just as in the two preceding instructions. Make 5 simple looped stitches over the thread that is wrapped around the mold. Place the thread strung with the beads, etc., to the right without working into them. Make a stitch with the silk thread over both it and the thread wrapped around the mold. Slide one or two beads, a pearl, or a wire purl up against it and fasten them there with another stitch. Put the thread with the beads back down to the left and make another 5 stitches with the silk thread, until you reach a hole. Make another 5 on the other side of it, another pearl, and so on until done. If you want this purse to be more prominently ornamented, make a separate border for it in silk or beads as in fig. B, working in the round with crochet or knitting on four needles. Then sew the two pieces together from bottom to top.”

Fig. B is an enlarged detail of a decoration that is central to the crocheted Cinderella-style purse and is described further in the instructions for it.

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