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Defining Crochet — new research report

I’ve been using this blog to record interesting bits and snippets of information as I’ve come upon them. The thought of subsequently compiling them into lengthier texts on specific topics has been in mind throughout. In fact, this blog started when my stockpile of such notes had grown to the point that they seemed worth sharing.

The blog’s front page includes a listing of Research Reports, seeded from the outset with an article on Early Tatting Instructions (currently unavailable pending extensive revision).  I had already submitted an article on the early history of crochet to the journal Textile History, intending to use the blog for expanding on some of the topics that it only touched upon briefly, once it had been formally published.

That has now happened and I’m both pleased to announce that publication and eager to get started with the detailed presentation of the facets of crochet history that I’ve kept waiting. The article is titled Defining Crochet, was published online on 11 December 2018, and the printed edition appeared in late March 2019. Here is the Version of Record and the Research Reports available on this blog now include a postprint.

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