The costs and dividends of blogged loopography

Without originally intending to blog at regular intervals, I’ve long since settled into a fortnightly rhythm. I had every intention of maintaining it with a post this past Sunday despite being at the Textiles from the Nile Valley Conference in Antwerp through the weekend.

I had a nearly completed draft of the intended post with me, expecting easily to be able to finish it during spare moments. However, my time and attention were thoroughly captivated by the proceedings and informal discussions about shared interests with the other participants — both old friends and new.

I knew that time for blogging would also be scarce after my return home. On the eve of my departure, I acquired a second formal publication deadline to meet by the end of November. Both texts will build on material sketched in previous blog posts. However, additional unreported information that I would like to include requires traveling on short notice to examine pivotal objects and documents elsewhere in Europe.

This all means that the likelihood of my being a diligent blogger during November is quite low. On the other hand, the reason for it is the preparation of material that will be more detailed than usual. What I will be missing is the mid-month celebration of the 100th post appearing on the 3rd anniversary of the 1st one. But I had also intended to use that occasion to announce a break in the production of new material while reviewing the First Hundred both to refresh my own memory of what I had written and reedit them for consistency where necessary.