Early instructions · Tunisian crochet

Long-hook crochet in 1858

The first description of what is now commonly called ‘Tunisian crochet’ is generally attributed to Matilda Marian Pullan, who illustrated a long hook used to form a “new stitch in crochet” in two complementary publications dated October 1858. However, it is not known if either went into circulation prior to the release of the first booklet in… Continue reading Long-hook crochet in 1858

Crochet · Early instructions

A Cinderella-style purse

The last of the three instructions for crocheted purses in the 1823 volume of Penélopé — a Cinderella-style purse — introduces flat crochet in the round. This is in contrast to the cylindrical work in all of the other purses considered here thus far. A disc crocheted in this manner requires regular increases in the number of stitches in successive rounds… Continue reading A Cinderella-style purse

Crochet · Early instructions

A purse in semi-openwork crochet

The second of the three instructions for crocheted purses in the 1823 volume of Penélopé — a Charlotte-style purse in semi-openwork — includes structural elements that are not shared with any other craft. It therefore documents crochet in its present-day form without the latitude for discussion about classification that attaches to chain stitch mesh. That is the only… Continue reading A purse in semi-openwork crochet

Crochet · Early instructions

A purse in simple openwork crochet

The 1823 volume of Penélopé is frequently cited as the first document that has yet come to light explicitly using the word crochet to designate the craft now commonly known by that name. Preceding occurrences of the term in similar contexts designate a hooked tool. Earlier fabric structures that would now be identified as crochet were categorized in the literature of… Continue reading A purse in simple openwork crochet

Buttonhole looping · Examples

Dilly bags

Carrying bags were made by buttonhole looping for a very long time before the advent of the European bourse en feston. Descriptions of widespread local traditions began to appear in the ethnographic literature toward the end of the 19th century, with authors devising their own designations for the newly-recognized looped structure. A description from 1908 of small buttonhole-looped bags… Continue reading Dilly bags